INTERCONNECTS is an annual conference organized by the Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang, which is committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics and taking all possible actions against publication malpractice. This statement clarifies the ethical behavior of all parties involved in publishing articles at this conference, including the authors, presenters, scientific committee, and reviewers. This statement is based on the Rector Regulation Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang Number 159/PRN/II.3.AU/F/2022. Our responsibility is to organize conferences and publish valuable scientific work to the intellectual community at the highest possible standard. We expect similar standards from our reviewers and authors. Therefore, the responsibilities of the organizers, scientific committee, authors, and reviewers are described as follows:

  1. The duties and responsibilities of the organizer include:
    1. Determine the title of the conference, topic, and scope;
    2. Invite reputable keynote speakers according to the topic and scope of the conference;
    3. Define the relationship between organizers, scientific committee, reviewers, and other parties in a contract;
    4. Respect confidential matters, both for contributing researchers, authors/presenters, scientific committees, and reviewers;
    5. Comply with the norms and provisions regarding intellectual property rights; and
    6. Collaborate with publishers to publish all of the accepted articles.
  1. Duties and responsibilities of the scientific committee include:
    1. Bringing the needs of readers and authors/presenters and striving for continuous improvement in publication quality;
    2. Implementing a process to ensure the quality of articles presented and published in proceedings, as described in the peer review process (LINK).
    3. Prioritizing objective freedom of expression.
    4. Maintaining the integrity of authors’ academic track record.
    5. Maintaining an open-mindedness towards new opinions or viewpoints that may contradict personal opinions for advancing science.
  2. Duties and responsibilities of reviewers include:
    1. Reviewing articles and presenting the review results to the scientific committee as a basis for determining the suitability of an article for presentation;
    2. Avoiding scientific reviews on articles that involve oneself, either directly or indirectly;
    3. Providing suggestions, feedback, and positive recommendations for the reviewed articles;
    4. Upholding the authors’ privacy by not disclosing the revision result, comments, and recommendations for a reviewed manuscript;
    5. Encouraging authors to make improvements to their articles.
  1. Duties and responsibilities of the author include:
    1. Ensuring those listed as authors meet the criteria;
    2. Taking collective responsibility for the research work and content of the article, including methods, analysis, calculations, and details.
    3. Stating the source of funding, both directly and indirectly.
    4. Explaining the limitations of the research.
    5. Responding to comments made by reviewers in a professional, scientific, and timely manner.
    6. Informing the scientific committee in writing if they intend to withdraw their article.
    7. Make a statement that the submitted article is original, has not been previously published anywhere and in any language, and is not currently under consideration by another publisher.